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Five Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Their Resumes -

Five Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Their Resumes -I think Im beginning to sound borderline preachy with my resume and cover letter advice. But I also feel I have a duty to share with job seekers the blunders and mistakes they make that prevent them from getting the interview and ultimately the offer. After ten years of working as a menschengerecht resources manager and recruiter Ive seen my fair share of job seeker mistakes. So heres my list of the five biggest mistakes job seekers make on their resumes.MISTAKE 1 Outdated formattingThe first impression your resume gives is critical. How do you want the hiring manager to perceive you? Professional and accomplished? Or sloppy and disorganized? Old and outdated formats only reflect poorly on you as a viable candidate for the position.MISTAKE 2 Using an objectiveIf your resume has an objective, please remove it. That is an outdated practice that is no longer relevant in todays job market. Objectives will only land you in the bland, just l ike everyone else pilenot the oh yeah, dont let me forget to call them today pile.MISTAKE 3 Forgetting important keywordsDont forget to use industry specific keywords. Also, make sure you know where to distributions-mix them. The top section of the resume is the best place because thats where the hiring managers eyes will be drawn. Short keywords are a great way to tell the employer about your expertise.MISTAKE 4 Length and text densityToo long or too short and youve lost your hiring manager. Keep paragraphs to 3-5 sentencesand the same goes for the number of bullets you use in your resume. Why? Any longer and you lose the audience in information overloadany shorter and you appear under qualified.MISTAKE 5 Listing responsibilities instead of accomplishmentsThe hiring manager doesnt want your resume to be an exact replica of the job ad. He already knows what he needs. What he needs to know is how youre going to meet their needs. Utilize statements that demonstrate your expertise and accomplishments in a given area. Certainly there was a challenge you faced while working for your current or previous employers. How did you address behauptung challenges and what were the results? The answers to these questions make for GREAT bullet points on a resume.Are you making these five mistakes on your resume? Compare your resume to those designed by certified advanced resume writers at http// Holbrook Hernandez is an expert resume writer, career and personal branding strategist, author, speaker and President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast. She creates high-impact, best-in-class, resumes and cover letters that transform job searches into interviews and ultimately job offers. For more information about professional resume writing or to read more career and job search related articles visit http// or call 1.800.991.5187.

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This Manager Began a New Leadership Role Right After Having Her 2nd Child Heres How

This Manager Began a New Leadership Role Right After Having herbei 2nd Child Heres How Dayna Johnson has some simple leadership advice we shouldallbe following I trust people on a team until they give me reason leid to. Quite often, I find that this approach results in them trusting you mora quickly as well, she says.And as a Business Development Manager in General Electric Powers Accelerated Leadership Program, Johnsons been told shes particularly good at inspiring teams. Perhaps thats no surprise, considering the trust and support shes been afforded at GE, where she began a new leadership role immediately after returning from maternity leave with her second child.In fact, one of the things Johnson loves fruchtwein about her job is that shes surrounded by inspiring, supportive colleagues I think GE has amazing people, she says. I very rarely run across someone at GE who does not want to help me with whatever dicke bretter bohren mssen Im working on. Its inspiring to wake up and go to work with the smartest, fruchtwein dedicated people aroundGE is Hiring Browse Opportunities.Johnson recently spoke to Fairygodboss about the morning habits that help her get her day going, the career move shes most proud of, and her No. 1 tip for job seekers.How long have you been in yur current role, and what were you doing previously?DJ I have been in this role since July, when I started the second year rotation for the Accelerated Leadership Program. I started the program last July (immediately after coming back from maternity leave with my second baby), and I spent my first year working as a Global Sales Leader for our Aeroderivatives Services business. Before that, I was a proposal manager, working on proposals for large substation projects.Whats the first (and/or last) thing you do at work every day?DJ Even though Im a creature of habit, I struggle with getting my day going. First things first, I always fill my water bottle. Once Ive got that done, I feel like I can tackle my email. And the last thing I do before going home is always to check traffic. Living in the Chicago suburbs, it can be quite unpredictable Im OK knowing theres traffic, but its the unexpected delays that frustrate me.Whats the most unique or interesting aspect of your job?DJ I get to talk to people. Alotof people. As an engineer, the stereotype is that we dont like to be social but I love meeting new people and learning their backgrounds. I also love solving problems, and I get to be involved early enough in the sales process to help customers solve their problems. Its everything that an extrovert engineer could hope forWhats something you think most people (perhaps even current employees) dont know about GE that you think they should?DJ A few years ago, GE increased its paid parental leave. Now, both men and women get 6 weeks of paid parental leave. I think this is AMAZINGWhats something youre especially goodat atwork?DJ Ive been told Im good at inspiring teams. If theres a miss ion a team needs to accomplish, Im willing to roll my sleeves up with the team and get the job done. I also have a philosophy where I trust people on a team until they give me reason not to (if at all). Quite often, I find that this approach results in them trusting you more quickly as well.What about outside of work?DJ Outside of work, I really enjoy (and am good at) home improvement projects. I love working with my hands, and I especially love flooring projects.What are you trying to improve on?DJ Ive been actively working on conflict resolution skills. I find that when I get passionately engaged in something, I get more defensive. While its great to be passionate, I need to make koranvers I can still keep my feelings in check.Whats your favorite mistake?DJ All of them that I can learn from Is it truly a mistake if you are able to grow from it? Ive had many (many) mistakes over the course of my career all sorts of things, from screwing up a calculation to making mistakes that wer e much harder to correct. Out of all of those mistakes, though, were lessons how to perform the correct calculation, how to repair a broken relationship in the office, how to make the situation right with the customer.Whats the one career move youve made that youre most proud of?DJ There are a lot of these, thankfully However, this one in particular ties my Society of Women Engineers career to my professional career. Ive spent the last year or so serving on the SWE Board of Directors. It has been an amazing opportunity for me to share my leadership abilities and continue to grow as a professional and a person while simultaneously supporting diversity and inclusion.What do you love most about your job or your company?DJ I think GE has amazing people. I very rarely run across someone at GE who does not want to help me with whatever problem Im working on. Its inspiring to wake up and go to work with the smartest, most dedicated people aroundWhat are you currently reading/watching/list ening to?DJ I have two small children, so anything I watch is animated (much to my dismay). However, Im currently working on finding the right balance between reading for improvement and reading for fun. Im a big fan of reading at night before bed to unwind, but right now I make sure I read one chapter of something to help my development before I turn to something more fun (Im a big cozy mystery fan). For development, Im currently reading Your Oxygen Mask First 17 Habits to Help High Achievers Survive Thrive in Leadership Life by Kevin Lawrence.Whats your 1 piece of advice for women who are looking for jobs right now?DJ Trust your gut. If you leave an interview and something about the role didnt feel right, theres probably a reason. We are rather intuitive creatures, and when Ive left an interview feeling like something wasnt right, its because it wasnt. However, this does not mean to not trust yourself. Go for the big roles the roles that will stretch you and challenge youWho is /was the most influential person in your life and why?DJ I try to have a bit of a different philosophy. I dont think I can pinpoint a single person that has been the most influential, but I have many, many people who have been incredibly influential. Among those, Im especially grateful for the people who encouraged me to pursue engineering from an early age all the way through high school. Without them, I dont think Id be where I am today.Whats the most memorable piece of career advice youve received?DJ Someone once framed career advice in the words of everyones favorite blue tang just keep swimming. I think, especially as women, we tend to dwell on our mistakes and overanalyze everything. Put that behind you and keep moving forward. When work (or life) gets really hard, focus on whats directly in front of you. Keep moving towards that goal. Try not to think about the miles of ocean in front of you, but just the next milestone. And stop looking over your shoulder at what happened behind youWhat was the best quality of the best boss youve ever had?DJ I sometimes struggle to just call it a day when Ive had enough of work. However, I had a boss that would repeatedly tell me, if he knew my workload was temporarily light, to get out of the office and go home. Especially around holidays or slow times, he would help me with work-life integration. He also helped the entire team make sure vacation was as relaxing as possible and worked to take care of any issues that came up while we were out.--Fairygodboss is proud to partner with GE. Find a job there today

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Top Objective Example for Resume Choices

Top Objective Example for Resume Choices The Tried and True Method for Objective Example for Resume in Step by Step Detail Finally, make certain to compose a new statement for each job you apply for, so the employer sees what makes you a superb fit for that particular job. You ought to have five objective statements. An effective statement for objective gives the employer an idea about what things the applicant is conscious of with respect to the work opening which he or she has applied for. Its possible to learn to compose a resume objective pretty easily, because its a comparatively straightforward statement of intent. Highlight your abilities and assorted job responsibilities you had undertaken from your prior employers. As a result, while your resume objective should incorporate information on the career which you want, you also wish to spell out why you are the perfect candidate for the job. The very first significant section of your resume is known as the Career Objec tive. Its possible to also Simple Resume Template. The Chronicles of Objective Example for Resume No matter your degree of job experience, your resume structure is important to making your program stick out. You will experience dismantling and reconstructing of complete systems, like the engine, as aircraft mechanics need to completely understand the way the aircraft works and the way that it is built. Ok, I Think I Understand Objective Example for Resume, Now Tell Me About Objective Example for Resume Once you have found out what your objective is, you can enter an acceptable study program. Irrespective of your degree of job practical understanding, your resume structure is indispensable to making your program stick out. The primary purpose of a resume is to present an easy and brief overview of your pertinent abilities, education, work experience and strengths that aids the hiring manager to generate a sensible decision in selecting interviewing candidates. In the majorit y of instances, a resume objective is simply a couple of sentences long.

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How to tell if your commute is too long

How to tell if your commute is too longHow to tell if your commute is too longYour work commute matters.Large-scalestudiesindicate that ones satisfaction with commuting to work contributes to overall happiness. And, in general, long commute times areassociatedwith lower subjective well-being.But it turns out that length of commute is hardly the most important facet of commute satisfaction.In fact, occasionally workers wish their commutes werelonger.In onesample, while 52 percent commuted longer than theyd like, a solid 7 percent wished their commute were lengthier. Among commuters who pined for shorter transit times, only a few wanted to eliminate their commute altogether.So how long is too long to get to work? The answer, research suggests, depends on factors besides length.Age does matterFor one, peoples satisfaction with their commutes depends on their age. The younger you are, the mora likely you are todespise your commute. This could be a generational thing, or it could be a tra nsition thing. Young workers used to walking to class may have a hard time adjusting to a long, chaotic real world commute.Commute satisfaction also depends onhowyoure commuting. Urban workers traveling by bus or train tend to have longer commutes than car commuters, but enjoy their commutesmore. And while just one in six workers enjoy their car commute, more than half of commuters who walk or bike to workenjoy it. They may like the physical exercise, as well as the peaceful, active buffer between work and home.How long is too long for walkers and bikers?Evidencefrom school commuters suggests that 2.5 miles is usually the max distance walkers and cyclists are willing to cover each day. In fact, one kununu reviewer who worked at State Farm didnt even binnensee his quick commute as a true commute It was only 2 miles from my apartment so no commute, he wrote.How satisfied people are with their commutes also depends on ease of the commute, not just length. Easy commute from train one CD W employee wrote, with no complaints. By contrast, employees at Learn Charter School and Rosina Food Products wrote that their offices werent on main transportation fairways, which made commuting difficult and frustrating.Satisfaction with your commute even depends on how itcomparesto that of your friends and coworkers. When we perceive our commutes as better than others, were more likely to be satisfied.FlexibilityFinally, perhaps the most important component of commute satisfaction is employer flexibility. Commuters granted flextime by their employers- that is, flexibility on when they have to arrive at work and when they can leave- are significantly more satisfied with their commutes than employees given no such leeway. They alsoreportless stress and time urgency during their commutes. For many people, onestudysums, the key to happiness is being able to make the routines of everyday life work. Indeed, the degree to which one can mesh all of lifes daily obligations and minimize c onflicting hassles has a huge effect on life satisfaction.kununu reviews support this data.What the data saysSeveral employees who wrote anonymously on kununu noted that lengthy commutes leuchtdiode to no work-life balance. A Tesla Motors employee explained, I have no life. I commute a far distance and I have been unable to switch my working hours because my manager wont let me. Several other employees noted that their companies required that they get to work on time despite inclement weather. At Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, an employee was prohibited from changing her work hours by just 20 minutes so she could ride the city bus to work.Conversely, a Merck Co. employee who would otherwise have an hour and a half morning commute wrote, I like the fact that I can work from home most of the time and my manager personally is very understanding of this fact My manager requires me to show up at work only once or twice weekly which is very good for me.Flexible schedules accommodate unpre dictable commutes. One employee who worked at Digisonics in Houston and had no commuting or telecommuting flexibility wrote, My commute could take anywhere from 25 minutes to three hours, and it was hard to tell which itd be. So it was pretty hard for me to work there for that reason - and that reason only.In short, your satisfaction with your commute depends on a lot of things. And its important to remember that even long commutes arent automatically bad. Commuting is popularly viewed as a stressful, costly, time-wasting experience, onestudysummed. But, according to some research,more than halfof workers are relatively satisfied with their commutes, andover a thirdof workers actually enjoy their commutes. Others may not enjoy it, but they see its benefits, like mobility and a transition between work and life.If your commute is awful, consider whether its nonetheless outweighed by other perks. An employee at TGSV wrote, The only thing that bothered me was the commute but everything else compensated for the long drive.As oneregretful employee explained, Honda was the best place I have ever worked and I would go back in a heartbeat. I left due to a long commute. But I have found that it is a small price to pay for all of the other benefits.This post was originally published on

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What Is an Applicant Tracking System, and What Does It Mean for You

What Is an Applicant Tracking System, and What Does It Mean for YouWhat Is an Applicant Tracking System, and What Does It Mean for YouDid you know that if youre applying for a company that isnt a local mom and pop business, your resume could easily be getting thrown out before it ever comes across a human beings desk? In the old days, you submitted cover letters and resumes, and a hiring manager went through them, filtering out the applicants who didnt really seem truly qualified for the position.Today, resumes must pass through applicant tracking systems. These are software systems that are designed to filter out applicants who arent qualified. Todays job market is an employers market, and for any given position, there are sometimes hundreds of applicants. This digital screening process is estimated to remove about 75% of the applications submitted.This makes things much easier for hiring managers and human resources departments, but unfortunately, unterstellung computerized systems are really rather flawed. Computers arent that smart in a lot of ways, and the software is designed to work with certain formatting parameters. Applications routinely get thrown out by the system, simply because theyre not formatted correctly. This is bad for both job seekers and employers. Who knows how much top talent has been automatically rejected from any given job position?If your resume or application isnt seasoned with the right sprinkling of keywords, arranged in ways the software is capable of understanding, the applicant tracking system will assume youre a bad match, and throw your resume out.Why Did Anyone Think These Systems were a Good Idea?Applicant tracking systems save employers, time, and help them keep applications organized. Without them, hiring managers would have to spend much mora time filing and shredding paper documents, filing and deleting emails, and otherwise juggling applications coming in through a variety of channels. They also eliminate problems like accidental email deletions, and make it easy for the company to keep tabs on the hiring process. On their end of things, its a massive time saver.How Do These Systems Even Work?When you submit your resume into an applicant tracking system, your resume is stored as an entry in the programs database. The ATS will rank you higher among the candidates if it picks up on the keywords its looking for in your resume. Employers can also search the system for particular keywords or qualifications.How Optimizing Your Resume is Like SEO Circa 2003Optimizing your resume for applicant tracking systems is kind of like SEO (search engine optimization), the process of making sure websites are optimized for Google to crawl and rank them for relevant search queries. The difference is that Googles algorithms are almost unfathomably sophisticated, and they keep getting even better. Today, the search engine has a fantastic ability to pick up on subtler aspects of context, rather than relying on exact ma tch keywords.Applicant tracking systems are not nearly as sophisticated as Googles search engine. Just like using exact match keywords in your content and sometimes, even keyword stuffing were important for old-school SEO, theyre important for getting your resume through the applicant tracking system. To do that, you need to try to anticipate which particular keywords a particular company will be looking for in the application.This means that you really do need to tailor your resume independently for each job you submit it for. For example, if youre looking for a job as a hotel restaurant manager, the system will be looking for terms like hospitality, hotel restaurant, and restaurant manager. However, it probably wont be looking for generic soft skills terminology, like outgoing or team player. Hard skills and job experience are far more likely to be included in the keywords an employer is looking for through an ATS. You actually dont want a whole lot of fluff.Applicant Tracking Sys tems Arent Your Friend But You Can Beat ThemApplicant tracking systems make job searching even more of a headache. But fortunately, there are ways to optimize your resume to try to at least give yourself a fighting chance. At Resume Yeti, we offer affordable resume creation, optimization, and design templates. Try our service today, and stop letting mindless, soulless computer systems get in between you and your dream job.

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4 Ways to Efficiently Find a New Job When You#8217;re Working Full-Time

4 Ways to Efficiently Find a New Job When You8217re Working Full-Time 4 Ways to Efficiently Find a New Job When You8217re Working Full-Time I typically have most of my clients start off by dedicating only one or two hours to their job searches per week. Some people still deeply entrenched in the belief that searching for a job requires numerous hours of research, applications, and resumesmay scoff at the effectiveness of this approach.Quick news flash the return on this particularly hefty job-search investment has become increasingly low in recent years. Things that used to work seem to no longer work as well if at all. The times have changed dramatically, and that means our methods of job searching should change, too.This may seem like a frightening claim, but it can actually begreat news for people who want to find new jobs while working full-time. These people mayfear they wonthave sufficient time to effectivelyfind a new job if theyre already employed, but Im hear to prove ot zu sichbeiwise.Heres a list of four simple things you can do to find a new job when youre already employed and youll literally only have to invest 1-2hours of your time every week in these effective tactics1. Update Your LinkedIn ProfileListen to Nike on this one, and just do it Approximately 94percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find ideal job candidates. You would be cheating yourself if you failed to putyour best foot forward on your LinkedIn profile. In a good portion of my work, I assist clients in effectively marketing themselves torecruiters by customizing and editing their LinkedIn profiles.In case youreapprehensive that updating your LinkedIn profile might alert yourboss to the fact that youre searching for a new job, there is no reason to be concerned. There are very effective strategies you can use to customize your profile without explicitly stating that you are looking for work.As an example, let me tell you about a client I had who worked for a large computer company but was looking to grow her business as an independent makeup artist. Since there was no direct conflict between her part-time contract makeup work and her full-time job, we were able to customize her profile to highlight and optimize her makeup experience and services, while still appropriately communicating where she worked full-time.I have assisted numerous people in similar situations and have yet to experience any problems arise with their current employers.2. NetworkNot too long ago, I made a list of recent jobs I worked at and thepreceding events that landed me eachposition. Of the last five jobs I have held, four came as the direct result of a friend of mine putting me in contact with a hiring manager. Networking is crucial.Networking maybe as simple as spending one hour during the week reaching out to old coworkers and employers on LinkedIn and reconnecting with them. Make plans to grab a coffee and catch up, or talk to them on the phone, if thats more realistic.Remain cas ual be genuinely interested in reconnecting and hearing about how they are doing.At some point, mention youre considering switching jobs. Who knows, maybe theyre in the same boat and you can both somehow help each other outAnother option is to find and attend local networking events in your town. Try to find one thats centered in your desired industry, and consistently show up to that particular event. Place your focuson building and developing connections with people, and watch miracles happen.3. ResearchDedicate your weekly hour to researching the companies and employers you wantto work for. Read the current articles they are posting. Engage with their contentand add helpful/relevant comments to the comments sections, if you so desire.Research the people who currently hold your desired position at target companies. What type of work experience do they have?What is the companys mission statement? Current goals and projects? Brainstormways in whichyou feel you could add value to the se companies based on your experience, talents, skills, and passions. Take notes along the way.4. VolunteerI previously worked with a young man whohad a background in political science. Helanded a full-time position working for a political campaign because he began working as a volunteer for the campaign in its early stages.A recent client of mine who wantedto switch career paths and doleadership development took on a volunteer position at her church coordinating a large food drive. It took her all of ten minutes looking at the volunteer column one Sunday after service to make that happen.Check out your target companys websites. Many will list upcoming or annual charity events or community walks/runs open to the public that offeropportunities to volunteer or participate. Take initiative and get involved.All of these methods are engaging, effective, and significantly less tedious and time-consuming than traditional forms of job searching. Start with the options you like most and leav e the rest.

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Women at Work since 1970

Women at Work since 1970 Women at Work since 1970 What does this stagnation in womens labor mean for recruiters? What role does each of us play in encouraging or discouraging womens work? Furthermore, these statistics include all working women- even those receiving payment for a mere ten hours of work per week.The past decades dip in progress serves as a cautionary reminder not to take progress for granted. Womens right to work must be continually revisited and reasserted. Note that though sheer numbers of employed women increased since 1999, but the percentage of women in the labor force has shrunk.